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[CATV]DGW-RX1000 Series



DGW-RX1000 Series

FTTB Optical Receiver 개요 DGW-RX1000 시리즈 광수신기는 저소비전력, SNMP 네트워크 매니지먼트, AGC, full function FTTB입니다. DGW-RX1000 시리즈 는 다양한 종류(동작 대역폭, 출력포트 수, SNMP, CWDM내장여부, Power supply 내장여부)의 configuration에 따라 제공됩니다. 주요특징

Excellent AGC performance: Pin:–7.0dBm~+2dBm,ΔVo : ≤±0.5dB

Low noise(3.8% modulation, -8dBm receive, CNR≥46dB)

Output level and slope can continuation adjustment

High level output:
- one output port 104 dBμV(AGC,PAD=6dB), Max output level 110 dBμV(PAD=0dB)
- Two output ports 100 dBμV(AGC,PAD=6dB), Max output level 106 dBμV(PAD=0dB)

SNMP network management optional, can achieve remote management and control

Nixie tube displaying all kinds of technical parameters of the overall unit, convenience to construction and adjustment

Adapts MMIC Amplifier, low power consumption

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Optic feature CATV operation wavelength (nm) 1260~1620 Without CWDM
1540~1560 DGW-RX1000-WD、 DGW-RX1000-WF
Input wavelength (nm) 1310, 1490/1550
Passing wavelength (nm) 1310, 1490
Channel separation degree (dB) >40
Responsivity (A/W) >0.85 1310nm
>0.9 1550nm
Optical AGC control range (dBm) -7 ~ +2 Δ Vo≤±0.5dB
Receiving optical power range (dBm) -16~+2 Digital TV
RF feature Work bandwidth (MHz) 47 ~ 1050  
Flatness (dB) ≤±1.0 DGW-RX1000/x-100(47~1050MHz)
RF number of output port (ps) 1  
Nominal output level (PAD=6dB) (dBµV) 104  
Max output level (PAD=0dB) (dBµV) 110  
ALC feature (dB) ≤±0.5 Pin:-7.0~+2.0dBm
Output level adjust (dB) -20~0  
EQ ADJ (dB) 0~15  
Return loss (dB) ≥12 47 ~ 1050MHz
Output impedance (Ω) 75  
Digital TV Test channel     Analog
Digital QAM 47-862MHz
MER (dB) 38     (Remark1) Pin : -7.0~+2.0dBm
33.5 Pin = -16.0dBm
General feature Power supply (V) AC(130~265)V Built-in power
DC:8V、0.75A External power
Power consumption (W) ≤8  
Working temperature (℃) -40~60  
Storage temperature (℃) -40~65  
Work relative humidity (%) 5 ~ 59  
Size (W)×(D)×(H) (mm) 174×123×42 Built-in power
118×123×42 External power